Overhauled Lear Romec Fuel Pumps

Consolidated Fuel Systems™ can repair and overhaul all Lear Romec™ 15980, 17980, and 9080 series power driven rotary fuel pumps with a shorter turnaround time and superior quality. CFS also offers PMA approved components for Lear Romec pumps through Precision Airmotive.


Q: What is the turnaround time on a customer property overhaul of Lear Romec fuel pumps?
A: Our standard turnaround time is 14 days but we make every effort to get your pump back to you faster.

Q: Does CFS use FAA PMA approved components for the repair and overhaul of Lear Romec fuel pumps?
A: Yes, every piece part and component used by CFS is approved for use on aircraft products.

Q: Do I have to send in my unit for overhaul or can I buy on exchange?
A: Core availability determines your ability to buy on exchange. Our recommendation is to call us in advance to determine core availability.

Q: Where do I buy?
A: For all overhauled units, please contact us directly for pricing, availability, and lead times. For the purchase of individual piece parts and components, please contact Precision Airmotive.