Overhauled Continental Fuel Systems

Consolidated Fuel Systems™ can repair and overhaul nearly every part and component within the Continental Aerospace Technologies™ fuel system available. The vast majority of the parts and components for these fuel pumps, fuel control valves, throttle & metering assembly, fuel pressure regulator, fuel manifold valve, and nozzle assembles are no longer available from the OEM. CFS also offers PMA approved components for Continental fuel systems to help other overhaul and accessory shops around the world.


Q: What is the turnaround time on a customer property overhaul of Lear Romec fuel pumps?
A: Our standard turnaround time is 14 days but we make every effort to get your pump back to you faster.

Q: Does CFS use FAA PMA approved components for the repair and overhaul of Lear Romec fuel pumps?
A: Yes, every piece part and component used by CFS is approved for use on aircraft products.

Q: Do I have to send in my unit for overhaul or can I buy on exchange?
A: Core availability determines your ability to buy on exchange. Our recommendation is to call us in advance to determine core availability.

Q: Where do I buy?
A: For all overhauled units, please contact us directly for pricing, availability, and lead times. For the purchase of individual piece parts and components, please contact Precision Airmotive.